Mandy Irvin is a dream come true for homeowners.

Mandy Irvin is a dream come true for homeowners trying to sell their property. She has a very friendly nature that will put you at ease with her right away, but more importantly, she really does work for YOU, her client. Having never gone through this process before, it was awesome having her feedback on all facets of fixing and renovating our home to increase our chances of selling and getting the most bang for our buck. She pointed out which things were best to concentrate on and advised us on renovation expenses. I can’t even tell you how helpful that was. Our house had been on the market only a matter of days–3, to be exact–and we’d already had 15 potential buyers interested in buying our home. We’ve no offers yet (we’re only on day four here.), but that was such great news to hear and so, so encouraging. Anyway, while we put a lot of time and a bit of cash into the renovations, the interest from prospective buyers wouldn’t be there if Mandy hadn’t been fully committed to helping us sell our home. She spammed every local Facebook page that would let her, posted the listing on dozens and dozens of websites, and responded to each and every comment and phone call and message. I’ve no doubt that our cute little house will find happy new owners because of her hard work. She’s amazing. Seriously. UPDATE: Sold in one month!

— Jen